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District visits

As IACM' s service centres serve as a platform for communication with the public, besides listening closely to public opinions, their staff also take the initiative to reach out to residents and learn about their concerns regarding their livelihood matters.

Scope of work:

- Liaison with and visits to community groups

The service centres maintain interactive communications with community groups and resident unions through monthly telephone calls and visits to listen to and follow up on matters of concern of the residents.

- Community visits

Service centre staff visit various communities regularly to patrol hygiene black spots and civic facilities and learn about residents’ concerns on site.

- Open sessions and community affairs symposia

The IACM holds monthly open sessions and community affairs symposia to collect public opinions on site.
Introducing street beautification projects to Associao de Mtuo Auxlio do Bairro, abrangendo a Rua da Praia do ManducoService centre staff collecting residents' comments in the neighbourhood