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Contact Centre

The Contact Centre was set up in 2003 as an electronic platform of IACM for communication with the public.

Main functions:

The main functions of the Centre is to attend to calls on the Civic Service Hotline: 2833 7676 and Food Safety Hotline: 2833 8181, providing a one-stop approach to answer residents’ enquiries, receive and follow up complaints, provide booking services, enrolment of activities and promotional services, and conduct surveys.

Office Hours:

Monday to Sunday, 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. (no lunch break)

- Activity promotion service

Through mobile phone text messages, emails and automatic dialing calls to landline telephones, the Centre conducts promotion for its notification services in various areas, including cultural, recreational and sports activities, civic education and greening events, as well as in sending reminders for license renewal and collection and for residents concerned to attend civic service.

- Surveys

Centre staff conduct surveys regarding civic education and residents'satisfaction, etc.
Staff of the Civic Service Hotline listening to residents' comments