IACM launches “Municipal Facilities EasyGo”

Publish Date: 31/05/2018

To stay in line with the Macao Special Administrative Region Government’s policy of developing smart city, the Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau (IACM) will launch the “Municipal Facilities EasyGo” mobile website on June 1. The website supports Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin), English and Portuguese. Residents and tourists can use their mobile phones to scan the EasyGo QR code installed on the classical signposts and directional signs of public toilets in all districts of Macao to quickly obtain information about the various municipal facilities managed by the IACM, such as municipal markets, cooked food areas in markets, hawker areas, public toilets, parks and gardens, etc. The information provided includes the location, address, opening hours and a brief introduction of the history of the facility, etc.

EasyGo also offers walking route and bus route suggestions. With instant positioning on the mobile phone, users can follow the suggested route and voice prompts to reach their destinations. In addition, EasyGo is also equipped with an audio guide function, which uses both voice and words to introduce the historical background of the facilities to deepen residents’ and tourists’ understanding of various municipal facilities and enable them to explore the authentic characteristics of Macao.

At present, the "Municipal Facilities EasyGo" QR code has been installed on 30 classical signposts and 30 directional signs of public toilets in Macao Peninsula, Taipa and Coloane. Users can directly know the location of the nearest public toilet by scanning the QR code installed on directional signs of public toilets, providing convenience for residents and tourists. Users can also grade their satisfaction with the relevant public toilet, which will help the IACM to further improve the relevant facilities.

In addition to scanning the QR code, users can also visit the EasyGo website by entering https://www.easygo.gov.mo on their mobile phones directly. They can follow the web page prompt to add the website address to the mobile phone home screen for convenient use at any time in the future. When using EasyGo, mobile data, Wi-Fi and location services must be turned on and EasyGo’s access to the current location must be allowed to enable positioning by the system. In the future, the IACM will increase the functions and content of EasyGo according to demand, and provide residents and tourists with a greater number of convenient intelligent services.