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The Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau provides the Civic Service Hotline: 2833 7676, with voice message recording system during non-office hours.
Venues for reception
Central District Service Centre:
Avenida da Praia Grande, no. 762-804, China Plaza Building, 2/F, Macau (Tel: 8795-2520 or 8795-2521, fax: 2871-1203)
Toi San Service Centre:
Avenida de Artur Tamagnini Barbosa, no. 127, D. Julieta Nobre da Carvalho Building, Block B, G/F, Macau (Tel: 2823-2660, fax: 2823-3012)
S. Loureno Service Centre:
Rua de Joo Lecaros, Complexo Municipal do Mercado de S. Loureno, 4/F, Macau (Tel: 2893-9006, fax: 2893-9007)
Fai Chi KeiService Centre:
Rua Nova do Patane, Habitao Social do Fai Chi Kei, Edf. Fai Tat, Bl. II, r/c, lojas G e H, Macau (Tel: 2826-1896 Fax: 2826-0477)
Office hours of the service centres:
Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. (no lunch break, closed on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays)
Northern District Public Services Centre:
Rua Nova da Areia Preta, no.52, Centro de Servios da RAEM, Macau (Tel: 2847-1366, fax: 2847-2857)
Central District Public Services Centre:
Rotunda de Carlos da Maia, no. 5 e 7, Complexo da Rotunda de Carlos da Maia, 3/F, Macau (Tel: 8291-7233, fax:8291-7236)
Islands District Public Services Centre:
Rua da Ponte Negra, Bairro Social da Taipa, no. 75K, Taipa (Tel: 2882-5252, fax: 2882 -7689)
Islands District Public Services Centre-Seac Pai Van Station:
Avenida de Vale das Borboletas, Seac Pai Van Community Complex, 6/F, Coloane (Tel: 8394-3456, fax:8394 -3465)
Office hours of the public services centres:
Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (no lunch break, closed on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays)
(1)In addition to our Civic Service Hotline (2833 7676) and e-mail address (, residents can come to the above-mentioned venues for making their enquiries, complaints or suggestions; complete a specific form for consultations/complaints/suggestions; or send letter to: Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau, Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro, No. 163, IACM Building.
(2)We have formulated a performance pledge for public services and have been awarded performance pledge certificates issued by the Public Service Evaluation Committee. Please click “Performance Pledge” for detailed information.
Personal Data Collection Statement
(comments and administrative procedures enquiries)
1.We welcome your comments and enquiries about our administrative procedures. During our processing of a case, you may be required to help in the follow-up or submission of further information. Therefore, you should provide us with your name and valid contact information (home address, telephone number or e-mail address) whenever possible, or the case may not be processed due to insufficient information. In case you are unwilling to provide us with your contact information, we will not send you a reply.
2.The personal data you submit to us will be used only for the purposes which are directly related to the case. The relevant data may be passed on to the individuals or institutions which are required to contact for handling the case if necessary during the processing of the case.
3.In case of violations to law, we may provide the law enforcement authorities our stored data due to the need of criminal investigation. These authorities may use such data to track down individuals committing unlawful acts and take their enforcement actions in accordance with law.
4.To improve service quality, we have been conducting satisfaction surveys with questionnaires on a regular basis. Your personal data may also be used for related matters.
5.According to Article 11 of Law No. 8/2005 “Personal Data Protection Act”, data subjects can exercise their rights to request for an access to, a correction of or an update to their personal data submitted to us. Please submit a written request when necessary, which is free of charge.
6.Should there be any updates to this statement, we will have them published in a new version replacing the old one and no further notice is required. The date of the revision will be stated in the relevant revised statement.
Jan10, 2013